Note: This was to be a blog last Tuesday, which became last Wednesday’s blog, which became last Friday’s blog, and back to Tuesday. I’ve lost something in terms of the desire to write and I’m not sure how to get it back. Part of it is my own lack of focus and concentration, but part of it is something more. People don’t want “mild-mannered” anymore, not as a teacher, a parent, or anything. I’m feeling that all around me and it is just wearing me down. I’m not the angry teacher, the red-faced teacher, but I feel that in me more and more. It’s exhausting and it’s not me, but to get any sort of respect, that’s where I feel I need to be. I just don’t know. Anyway, just a little insight into why the writing is so sporadic lately.

Today’s been a relatively “meh” kind of day, in a “meh” kind of week, in a “meh” kind of year, so let’s talk about random acts of kindness, shall we?


Here I was, minding my own business, the day after Halloween, feeling very much curmudgeonly about most of life, pretty much a normal day. I go home a lot and just sit because, over the course of a day, I see A LOT of students. Less than the 150 I saw last year, but not by much. Budget issues are driving this, but still, it’s exhausting. Add in the fact that basketball is in full swing, so life gets even crazier. Last night, I got home, ate supper, and soaked in the tub because I only had 7 girls so I ended up playing with them for 45 minutes (I’m not sore, but so tired). I didn’t get the grading I needed to do because I could barely function as a human.

Anyway, the day after Halloween, I’m getting stuff ready for class and a student brings this to me.


Not quite yet with the Grinch stuff, but we’ll go with it. I melted a bit that day. Most days, students are not this way.

Yet, here she came, with treats in hand, and I’m sure I looked silly. A bit slack-jawed at a student just bringing in gifts.

Either way, I quickly thanked her for the gift, then, later that day devoured what was inside. My weakness is sweets, and a bag of them sitting there was never going to last long.

We talk about kindness, gratitude, or just smiling at others, yet, as I watch students, I don’t always believe our message gets through. I’m jaded right now, and with good reason. I don’t see the good in a lot of things that go on around me and that’s my own failing.

However, her gift, helped me see some good out there, if only for that day.

Somedays, it’s all we need.