Learning about Irish Cream

Last weekend was the 16th Annual Iowa Irish Fest. The usual suspects were there: The Screaming Orphans, Gaelic Storm, the great food, smiles, laughter, but missing, my daughters.


Each messaged us, within minutes of each other, to let us know they’d tested positive for Covid.


However, the show must go on. So we did. We sold their tickets to my sister-in-law and her boyfriend and had a blast with them. We enjoyed the music and people watching. We enjoyed the beer and food. But best of all, we enjoyed being with them. My wife doesn’t get to see her sister near enough and this was the first time I’d had a chance to spend anytime with her boyfriend. They’ve already talked about volunteering and taking vacation time to come again!


However, one of the best parts of the Fest for us is the fact we know NO ONE there. We can drink, dance, and just enjoy life! One of the things we did was an Irish Cream tasting and class. It was so cool to learn about the origins of the cream and what tastes we were getting in each. Other cool thing we did, Yoga and Whiskey.


I know, but it is what it sounds like, a yoga session with whiskey on the side (or memosias!). While I’m not big into the whole yoga thing (zero flexibilty), but I had fun too!


The best part, seeing my parents enjoy themselves doing things they love to do. They are happy, healthy, and still moving (though much more slowly).

Being able to be together, enjoying ourselves, and just being us was the best therapy possible. We needed this with school looming so close.

It’s too bad things like this didn’t happen more often. All of us could benefit from just letting go and just being!

But what do I know? I’m just a teacher! 😉

Another form of therapy: cows! But that’s another blog! 😁