Today was a magnificent day…..

…..until it wasn’t.

But, I’m not going to write about that. We’ll just leave it as changes need to happen and something different will be done.


Nothing that needs to be said here. And I’m not doing anything drastic. I just need to invest in me and won’t lose anymore time doing so.

However, what I will write about today is our bike ride! We are running out of summer and that sucks. We’ve not gotten the camper out as much as we’d wanted and training keep getting in the way of our lives. Next summer, nope.

But, we decided we needed to do something. Iowa (like the rest of the world) is supposed to get really warm over the next week, so grabbed our bikes and headed to Lanesboro, MN, and the Root River Trail, before the weather got really hot. Driving up, the clouds looked ominous, then backed away. In fact, on our ride, it was overcast, keeping the heat away. We had a nice 22 mile ride, great conversation, and in the end, didn’t feel too bad getting off the bikes!

We loaded up for the trek home, stopping at Estella’s Eatery and Bar in Harmony, MN. It’s a unique dining experience, to say the least with a huge outdoor eating area, a varied menu and amazing food. I enjoyed the Chicken Southwest rice bowl and my wife had the Chicken Teriyaki rice bowl, both huge amounts of food. Lunch is in my fridge!!

This is what the doctor ordered for us. A day trip, doing the things we love (biking and good food), with the people we love.

And we’ll leave it at that! 🙂