It’s the day after Christmas and a let down is expected, right?


Well, that let down just being human. How we act towards our fellow man. How we treat those around us. We talk a good game in the days and weeks leading up to Christmas. December 26th? Good feelings gone.

So, what’s got me all worked up? Well, let me tell you the tale of today:

  1. We decide to go move our bodies. Not just walking to the kitchen, but actually getting out to move. Sweet, right? Well, as we pull out of our driveway, I notice our mail box is gone. *profanity* Our mailbox has not faired well since we’ve moved out. It’s been taken out three different times. The one time we know for sure was by the snow plow. The other two times, we don’t know who hit it. The second time, it was run over by someone hauling manure. Did anyone stop by and say sorry? Nope. Last night, it was hit by someone because they left a little piece of plastic. Flipping idiots.
  2. As we were driving to the trail we were going to be walking on, we went through town. We drove past a place with not on a fresh new Trump flag, but a flag of the confederacy as well. Are you freaking kidding me? I won’t even comment on the Trump flag. Dude lost. Period. But you are living in Iowa and you have a flag of the confederacy flying on your front porch? Iowa was part of the North. Iowans died to defend the Union from those who wanted to tear the country apart because they felt it was their right to own human beings. As a social studies teacher, I have zero tolerance for idocy like this. Don’t tell me it’s “southern pride”. Don’t tell me it’s your right to fly it. They don’t fly Nazi flags in Germany. Get a freaking clue.
  3. I saw something in the paper about Republicans in Iowa gearing up for a massive tax cut during the next legislative session. This after on their twitter feed they posted the tweet below. I will gladly pay MORE taxes to have better Internet. I will gladly pay MORE taxes to retain better teachers. I will gladly pay MORE taxes to have better services in Iowa. Yet, our Republican majority truly believe that they are doing the will of the people, by starving government and education. Once my daughter graduates from colllege, all options are open.

I tweeted out “Humans suck. That’s the tweet tonight” and got a few replies that were in basic agreement. It’s hard to be in that Christmas spirit when you watch people treat each other badly, when we choose not to be kind. I feel we lose more and more of our humanity unless we are willing to take a stand for all humans.

And that just isn’t happening, at least not today.

I guess a good night’s sleep and hope for tomorrow is all I got.

That and the Cowboys curbstomping Washington. 🙂