Today started out with a giant middle finger. I got a really fun message from someone about a Facebook post that started out with “the f*cking audacity” and downhill from there. Honestly, I’ve about had it with those people who aren’t bringing the same energy to the pandemic and school schools that they other aspects of their lives.


That being said, we had a staff meeting at 7:30 AM where we talked about the issues students have been having an solutions we could possibly use with them. The meeting, while necessary, was one that just added to the sh*tty feeling I’d had. The message, my finger is sore and swollen, the meeting, and my first two periods in the morning are difficult, I was in a pretty sour mood.

As my second period tromped out of the classroom, I got my computer up. The battery is shot so it dies after about two hours. I’d lent my charger to a student who didn’t have theirs, so it had entered that sleep mode, so it took a short while to spring back to life. I posted my positive thought for the day on Facebook and Twitter, but just didn’t feel it, so I opened a new tab. And there it was.


The motivation for the day, compliments of the Chrome extension, Momentum. If you’ve not used Momentum, I recommend it for a few reasons. One, it always greets you. Right now, it’s saying, “Good evening, Mr. J”. It’s nice to be greeted without a grunt, like some of our middle schoolers do. Second, there are always pictures of amazing scenery. I’m looking at a picture of Yosemite Valley in California, a magnificent view. Third, you can do many things with this extension. You can more easily create bookmark lists, you can create to do list, and check the local weather. But the thing I love the most is the last reason, it offers you a quote of the day. Today’s was this:

“Live the wonderful life that is in you.”

Oscar Wilde

This simply turned my day around. I do have a wonderful life. Teaching is hard and I see the light at the end of the tunnel, yet, I’ve got good years left. I love coaching and practice has started. This year’s sixth graders are a breath of fresh air. One of my best friends is getting remarried. We did our last batches of canning last weekend. We saw one daughter this past weekend and talked with the other on the phone. While Iowa lost, they are still 6 – 1, bowl eligible, and still can win the Big Ten West Division. AND, if I talk my wife into the drive, I’ve found a camper to go look at (though it’s three hours away – apparently Iowans don’t like little campers??).


I know, right?!?! My mood lightened and so did the day. Practice was good (lots of height, no shooters, low self-confidence), sixth graders were not bad, and it just felt better.

So, as you go forward, don’t be afraid to look in different places to find a little daily mojo. You never know where the source of your motivation might come from: a quote, a talk with a friend, an email, or just reflecting on all the things you have going for you. Each can do wonders in their own right. But in the end, you are the one who needs to see it, accept it, and move forward with the right attitude.

I’m glad I did just that, moved forward with a better attitude.

Because, who wants a grumpy teacher anyway?? 🙂