Ok, it’s been a pretty “ugh” kind of week. Computer science classes are tough on these days. I got a message and picture from my parents about their last trip to “the ranch” and about how, after almost 50 years, they are not “city folk”. Just other personal news has come up that just is creating a drag on the day that I wasn’t expecting. If you read yesterday’s blog, it was a tough day even without going to school!


I know. So where do you look for inspirations? Not Twitter. That place is a cesspool of political rants, pro-Covid folks bellowing “freedom”, and educators snipping at each other. Not Facebook. I’ve found that many of those same behaviors are moving into my feed. Not Instagram. I don’t need anymore perfect pictures. So I start reading. And I found it.


The words I needed to keep moving forward. I follow a blogger and mindset coach named Lindsay Wilson who runs a business call Positive Performance Training. She does a ton of writing (I’m jealous) about mindsets, her successes and failures, both personal and in her business, but she does it in a way that keeps it real. Today, she wrote about her writing and how it inspires some and turns others off. She had a line her blog/email that just struck me:

The more of your truth you put into the world, the more you attract your people and the more you get rejected by others. 


She goes on to talk about how creating those truths create that attraction or rejection by others: “This is the power of one thought.”

I love this idea that what I post can create that one thought in other. But even more, that I can control that one thought in me! I came in this morning that apologized profusly to all involved in yesterday’s epic failure. I was not happy about it, but yet, in my mind, I knew what happened happened. There was no changing it, so why the heck was I beating myself up about it? I do a good job of prepping classes for substitute teachers AND I leave very detailed plans. I cannot foresee every problem. That’s not who I am as a teacher, so quit being such a wimp about it, get over it and move on. And I did.

I’ve been told by my wife “you are going to get in trouble with what you share” because I do put my truth out there for others to see. Whether it’s what’s going in my head like I do or dealing with social justice or just trying to keep myself positive, I’ve hit that post button many times and thought, “Should I be pushing this out?”.

For as many times as I’ve doubted myself, I’ve never “gotten in trouble”, but have had spirited conversations about topics that are sometimes controversial. But that’s what we need to do, to keep putting our truth out there for others to see, digest, and maybe even learn from! I know there are people who read this blog who roll their eyes. Heck, my wife rolls her eyes when she reads some of thing things I write. But they are my truths. And if my truths can help someone move their one thought from positive to negative, even one flipping person, all of these words will have been worth it.

Like Lindsay said, “It’s a mindset change,” and if you can control it, it can change you.

Why do you write? I’d love to hear from you in the comments! 🙂