First, the back story:

For Christmas one year, we did the “do you have something in mind” thing with our daughters and my youngest said something the tune of “a bag of what”.

Well, that’s a challenge that my wife was up to the task for indeed. Side note: My wife is an amazing woman, period. I definitely married up when we got together because of so many different things, but again, I digress!


She started looking for fabric with words on it, especially the word “what”. Well, JoAnn’s Fabric had just the thing, and within a couple of day, a Christmas present was created, a “Bag of What”. To say my daughter was less than pleased might be an understatement, yet, the bag lives on to this day! Back to our story!

Whenever I think of a bag of what or a file of what, I always go back to that Christmas present and smile.

However, this is about my draft folders full of what! Apparently, I’ve had a healthy appreacition for my draft folder over the years because it’s got 44 flipping drafts of what crammed in there! I swear, if it could be in physical form, there’d be pencils and pens poking through it, it might be duct taped in the corners and it would have permanent marker and white out all over it!


Me too! And the titles! Titles like “Oh Chad”, a recent addition to the pile, and “I’m About to Quit Teaching,” something I need ot look more closely at. There are happy titles and sad titles and angry titles and sarcastic titles! I’ve started to clean this up as, like most of my life previous documented, it’s a hot mess!


Some of the drafts will be completed at some point and used, either during week day writings or Slice of Life Tuesdays. There are a few drafts that have nothing written in them, which makes me wonder about why they are even there in the first place! I mean, give me a sense, past me, of what message you wanted to convey with this title! Geez, I’m not a mind reader!


Anyway, as I start to focus on shortening the list, there are a few that I will certainly keep:

  • Aim High – a blog about pushing the envelope personally and professionally. An added bonus, it has a tuba! 🙂
  • Insert Profanity Here – I know I can find content to write about with that title!
  • Humanity – While the post is dated, the topic is not.

Like I said, many of these have very little writing inside them, so they’ll get deleted and forgotten. Those with some writing, we’ll navgate how to make the topic more relavant and go from there.

If you are a blogger, do you have a big pile of drafts? If so, what do you do with when you discover your oldest one is six years old and that you have enough for a full month of writing? I’m curious about what real bloggers do with these drafts?

And finally, have a wonderful Thursday. In my positive post for the day on Facebook and Twitter, I talked about a man from Scotland that I follow (Manfromsomewhere on Instagram and TikTok). Today, he took us all along on a massive hike. Watching him climb while sharing his joy, his laughter, and his smile just gave me that inspiration to the same!

I hope you’ve done some climbing today, literally or figuatively, and that you’ve carried some of that same positive energy with you!

And in doing so, got some writing out of your draft folder! 🙂