This was a blog that was meant to be written on Sunday.


I agree. June seems pretty seamless in just getting on and writing. Even with vacation, sitting down and writing didn’t seem like work. July has been a different story. I’m not one for checking out my stats too much, but days where there are zero views bug me like no other. It means I’ve not put out the content that I need to put out to reach reader, regulars and those new to the blog alike. Ideas are there. The thoughts are there. My focus seems to have decided to take a break!


Thus, here I am writing Sunday blogs on Tuesday! Ugh!

Anyway, we all know that 2020 was a cluster of epic proportions. Without a doubt, it was the hardest year that most of us have had to deal with and rightfully so. And as we start to move ourselves back into “normal” (whatever that might look like), we get to see what we’ve lost and how we are regain it.

Today, we went to church. I know, shocking. Without a long drawn out explanation (which I deleted because, yuck), our current pastor is a good one to listen to and we’ve not gone in quite a while. As we walked out, we talked about how 8:00 AM church is a good thing because the rest of our day is free. His message was one that stuck with us and that not a bad thing either. For a long time, this was a rhythm of our life, that idea that we go to church to connect ourselves to others in a more spiritual manner. I’m not sure that rhythm is one that I want to continue, but we’ll have to wait and see.

After church, we had the day to ourselves, so we packed up our bikes, a cooler, and drove to Lansbouro, Minnesota to the Root River Trail. To say this a treasure that is only an hour’s drive away is an understatement. This is a well maintained trail that connects a number of little towns together. The hub, Lansbouro, is home to a number to great shops, eating options, and the Commonweal Theater, another gem in our region.


Both of these attractions, the theater and the bike trail, are things we’ve done on a yearly basis for I don’t know how many years. We’ve camped, stayed at one of the many bed and breakfasts in the region, or simply made a day trip of it (like Sunday). We’ve seen some exceptional shows at the theater, shows that make you laugh, cry, or my favorite, spark conversation on the way out.

So as we get on our bikes and ride, it just feels right, like we are home, and we talk. Talk about life and kids and where we want to be and if we should buy a camper or not. We also talked about how we missed this last year and how often we’ve been up here over the years. The one thing we’ve not done, canoe or kayak the Root River, which maybe coming soon.

As we get older, we recognize those rhythms of our lives: fair season, annual trips, fall football games, and when those are missed, it leaves holes in our soul. Our souls were filled, just a little bit, with our trip. The only bad thing, we favorite eatery of our was closed up just before the pandemic hit. However, we found a new place to eat who served beer from a brewery where we went to college (Winona State). The beer was delicious (an oatmeal stout even my wife enjoyed!).

I think we’ve found our next road trip! Winona, here we come! 🙂