“I got to say it was a good day.” – Ice Cube

Today was one of those days where things just felt right. We’ve struggled a little bit as of late, just with diet and motivation in getting exercise into our schedule.

Today, it was all right. We got up and had good coffee. CBS Sunday morning was on point with stories that we enjoyed and could relate to. The gardens are continuing to come back after vacation, so we went out and did more weeding. The breeze was cool, the sun warm on our backs, and while we didn’t talk much, it was nice to be together doing hard work.

We are working to be healthy, so that means trying to new foods. The food of the day, rutabaga. My wife shredded it and made “hash browns” that honestly, were pretty dang good. Our weight loss journey has plateaued a bit, so anything we can do to help ourselves along, even if it means eat rutabaga, I’ll do.

After lunch, we visited a show friend, returning a show item to him. We were saddened to hear that a cow we’d raised from a baby had passed away. She was a giant, stubborn as Brown Swiss are, but never lashed out at either daughter during their time with her. She was the only animal I really lost my temper with, but yet, she was gentle. We’d not seen her in a while, but her stories will live on! It was good to see our friend, even it represented with sad news.

Upon returning, we started on cleaning out clutter in our garage. I know this make my wife a little bit crazy (ok, more than a little bit!), so this was a good thing. We got some things recycled, some things burnt, and my truck is packed for a trip to the landfill. Our Facebook page has a “digital garage” sale with some of our stuff. We won’t be showing any more, so it felt good to start clearing those things out. A little more space, a little less clutter, it’s all a good thing right now!

We had the chance to visit with another show family, which was really nice as well. We’d not seen them in a while and since we aren’t going to show, they’ve been “on the own”. We’ll head to the State Fair this year, so reconnecting right now was a good thing! It was nice to laugh at some goofy stories.

And finally, I finished the day out with basketball. Watching tonight’s (Sunday) NBA Championship game was a treat. The Bucks played like the 2014 Spurs with crisp ball movement, great help defense, and they shot the ball extremely well. The Suns, while losing by 20, did much of the same thing, they just couldn’t keep up with the hot shooting of the Bucks.

Then, writing it all down. I’m not usually one to do a blog like this, but the day was just so dang smooth! Activity to activity just rolled and having that chance to reconnect made it a great day.

How was your day? Leave me a comment and let me know! 🙂