I started out with Day 1 documenting our trip to Boston. It proved to be a difficult to write and be present in what we were doing in Boston.

My next few blogs will be about our trip, but this quiet Sunday deserved this picture. We traveled to Concord to visit a few authors’ houses (which were closed due to Covid), but we also had the opportunity to walk around Walden’s Pond and visit the cottage site of Henry David Thoreau.

Now, my wife calls me culturally illiterate (and rightfully so) because there are many, MANY classic authors whom I have not read. Thoreau is one of them. However, my wife was tickled to visit this place as she has an English degree with Thoreau being a favorite of hers at one point.

The picture will be framed and put some where so I can look at it and remember the calm of the moment at that pond, and how together, we were present in the moment.