I just finished the article, “How to Streamline the Writing Process and Save Time” by David Gywn, a writer on Medium. My struggle with topics has been well documented, and this has given me things to think about! Side note, I love Medium. I gladly pay $5 a month to read exceptional writing.

David lays out some really good steps inside his article: writing 10 ideas a day, dictating articles, and outlining your writing.


The point is, we all struggle with our writing. We all go through those times where we simply cannot get the ideas, thoughts, words, or whatever to work out. Whether you are a note-booker or a blogger, paper and pencil or technology, we all hit that wall. The three ideas he lays out are ones that are easily to put into our writing, both personally and professionally.

Of the three things he lays, the one that hits home to me is the idea of writing down 10 ideas a day. This is also the most daunting of the three because it’s a daily activity, and if you think about it, you’ll have 3,560 ideas written down in the course of a year. Now he does say

Some (or most) might not turn into anything. However, even if 90% of them aren’t usable, you’ll still get one good topic every day.


A good topic a day? I’ll go with it. And if I can keep myself organized, even better!

For me, that’s the biggest problem, organization. It’s a problem in many facets of my life. I’ve got the trappings of organization. I’ve got my planner, my phone organizer, my note books (plural, not good). But my writing is widely out of control, which doesn’t surprise me a whole lot. If I could transform one of my notebooks into just ideas, dang, I’d not struggle and have a BUNCH of good content for the Slice of Life Challenge 2022! 🙂

As it is, a great article for ALL writers to read through and evaluate how they organize their writing and how they just simply get it done! I know it will help me in upcoming blogs!

Now, if I can just find my dang notebook.