I see all these slicing posts that are all celebratory and happy and “I made it”, so the crusty, grumpy post is needed.


First and foremost, it’s not that grumpy. A writing streak like this takes time and effort and kudos for all of you who made it 31 days. That is no small feat and you should be proud. When I did this with my language arts students (it’s only been three years ago, but it seems forever) we’d have pizza and pop and just reflect on how awesome it was that we’d made it! I had one student who took one of his posts, turned it into a story, and was won first place in our state’s writing contest. So yes, this is a very cool thing.

My grumpy old man facade comes from the fact that this year, the struggle bus was in full force. I’ve not been focused, my writing has not been up to par, and I was always getting things done at the way last minute. I’m not sure where this has come from, but it does not make me happy. Part of it is school is hard, there’s not way around it. I walk out and I’m physically tired, so it’s hard to get up for writing when all I want to do it eat myself into coma, then sleep for three days.


We are in the “no complain zone” at school(if I had a nickel every time I rolled my eyes when I saw that sign), so how do I fix this? Well, post earlier would be the most “slap you upside the head” obvious choice out there, but let’s dig a little deeper. As I grow up (and out), I’m doing a little research on me, and there are days where I feel like a little ADHD is there (my youngest daughter is dealing with this as well). Too many things to do, avoidance, all sorts of things there, so the one I will work on is this, getting up a little earlier, getting a few steps in on the treadmill, then using so time to get things written. No, not a great plan, but exercise calms my mind, so a little bit in the morning wake me, but also allow me to write.

Another thing that just got me all curmudgeonly is my comment skills, or lack there of. That ties directly into getting my posts up before 11:48 PM at night (CST of course). It’s hard to comment on things when you are fall asleep at your computer!


Geez, no complaining at all? The solution is above. Finding that time in the morning to get the blood flowing is a start, but once the blog is done, using the “reader” feature on WordPress to get a few comments out and away we go! One or two comments here or and there suddenly makes life a little more managable.

Now, I have enjoyed my Challenge, no matter how grumpy I act. Like I said above, the act of writing this much will also make writing better. We aren’t trying to be perfect (no perfect practice makes perfect BS), but we are trying to be better at the craft, both for ourselves AND our students. The volume of writing can only help us as we continue to try to help our young writers see the value in what they do.

Thank you to those who’ve stopped by, left a like or a comment. That kind of validation is exactly why all of us write, to get our voice out to the masses, or at least a few other teachers! I appreciate each and everyone one of you who took the time to read the drivel of this social studies teacher. If you are one of my sixth graders reading this, go to bed! If you are a former student reading this because, I miss all of you.

And if are reading this because you actually like my writing: Thank you. ♥️


Shut up. 🙂