I’m feeling my 49 years, 333 days today.


So, I’m borrowing a blog from a very talented Slicer, Britt over at Multifaceted Musings, and her blog titled Currently. Thank you, Britt for showing us this format! 🙂

Currently noticing

How much disrespect we get in our classrooms. I sound like my father, a teacher of 30+ years, but kids have changed. Students talking in disrespect ways to their classmates, their teachers, and the adults in the school. Where did this change come from? Is this allowed at home? If so, why? And if not, where does it come from? But the best question: How do we change it?

Currently wondering

What this summer will bring? We will be able to travel further? Will we get to the places we really want to go? My parents are talking about moving to town. How much of this will change the plans we are trying to make right now? Will the virus rear it’s ugly head again? Will people ever just do the right freaking thing and put on a damn mask until it’s done?

Currently learning

I’ve got a couple of YouTube channels that I’m watching dealing with van builds along with another channel about Minecraft, using red stone because I am clueless about that piece of the game! I’m also looking at where our investments are, trying to learn more about this as we begin a different chapter in our lives.

Currently loving

Season Five of Outlander. We clicked on the subscribe button for Starz, so we have a month (less than that now), so we are watching the next season before our month runs out. I kind of gave up after Season 2, but was hooked back in for Season 3 and beyond. I’m also loving the two main characters from Outlander who are in their own show, Men in Kilts. They are traveling around Scotland in a camper van, looking at all this cool stuff! 🙂

Currently looking forward to

Two things:

1) Moving my daughter and her boyfriend. She graduated from Iowa State in December and signed on at John Deere out of Moline. They’ve been virtual for quite sometime, but have also started the process of getting people back to in person work. So, she got the team notice that yes, she needed move closer because she’d be back in the office sometime this summer. So, a couple of quick trips to the Quad Cities later, they have an apartment and we’ll be helping them move this week. Our Easter plans, destroyed, but we get to have everyone together because our other daughter will be coming to help.

2) Traveling: I applied for and received my passport. I know, pandemic and all, but most countries (we really wanted to go to Canada) will not take us because of the dumpster fire that is our Covid response. Next year. It gives us a chance to really decide where we want to go, and save a little money, and just be prepared.

Thanks again, Britt! This is a great format!