Holy. Hell.

Our schedule has been tweaked this year because of Covid and we have a 12:20 dismissal on Wednesday to work with online students which has been a pleasant surprise. The day didn’t start well at home, and progressed to dumpster fire status very quickly.

Without too much detail we had kids doing inappropriate things, saying inappropriate things, posting pictures of inappropriate things, and simply being, you guessing it, inappropriate.

There are some days where you are the grass, lush, green, growing to great a beautiful field, pasture, or picturesque landscape.

Yes, today, I was the grass, but the the grass through a mower, cut and chewed up, then spit out to turn brown and gross.

The only good thing about being that grass, sometime, you get laid down, and help other things grow.

Tomorrrow is new day.

Thankfully, we’ll try to help people grow.