Yeah, I’m stealing this from a bunch of people! 🙂

Currently annoyed by:

  • Iowa in general. I’m writing about this tomorrow. We are not in a good place, not at all.
  • Educational policy that tells us our kids are “behind”. Behind what?? Aren’t they like every other kind in the freaking world?? Dealing with a pandemic seems like a pretty good reason to be stressed out. A bit of grace MIGHT be in order.

Currently trying:

  • To stay positive. It’s sunny and warm and ABOVE FREEZING at 10:15 PM! This is a very good thing.
  • To find time to move my body. The morning doesn’t seem to work and night time really sucks. I need that right after school time spin class to get my motivation back where it should be right now.

Currently reading:

  • The Truth is Marching On: John Lewis and the Power of Hope (will write about that too) by Jon Meacham
  • Teammate: My Journal in Baseball and a World Series for the Ages by David Ross

Currently loving:

  • The weather (as above mentioned). It will be in the 60s again tomorrow, followed by a return to normal of the 40s. However, the snow is almost gone, which a good thing!
  • My little piece of heaven. I’m just enjoying being able to come home and just be without having neighbors close by. The only ones of disturb our peace are the four-legged kind (beef cows) who’ve taken to walking through the electric fence into our yard!

Currently wishing:

  • My motivation might be found growing in the warm weather.
  • A side hustle. I talked with another teacher today who asked about my parents and how they were able to retire early because of their stellar investments. Nope. I don’t even know what I could do for a little extra cash because jobs around here are $10 an hour or pyramid schemes (make-up, tupperware, kitchen supplies, etc).
  • For a greenhouse to make sure that my seeds will grow up healthy and strong! 🙂

At that my friends is where I am currently! What about you? 🙂