Ok, this isn’t what you think?


That is a loaded question I’ve heard more than once! 🙂

Today, we had a great day. We took our new to us truck on a drive down to a bike trail and went for about 10 miles. It wasn’t an easy ride as there was snow still on the trail. After a while, we had to turn around because the trail was totally covered, so we ended up on an abbreviated tour of town, which wasn’t a bad thing. The problem with the ride, a bald eagle. You’d think it was the first bald eagle people had seen in years! We about took out a couple just gawking at the bird (scared the heck of them with our “on your left” warning. Another woman was just stunned to see this bird, so much so she allowed her dog to almost take my wife off her bike! Nothing aggressive, just being playful, yet, come on!

We made it to Target, Sams Club, ate a GIANT burrito at Pancheros, then home. A great day….


Oh yes, that.

We are driving home and I’m listening to Phish Radio. My wife, growing bored with the 35 minutes jam session for one song (yes, they do that), decides to take a nap. So I’m by myself, cruising along, having my own little jam session in my head and suddenly, SQUIRREL. No, not really, but I was distracted by a bird, a cloud, something and I drifted out of my lane and across the rumble strips on the side of the road.


Uh oh is right. My wife wakes of in a panic and I’m left, red faced, explaining that no, I’m not tired, and no, we aren’t going to crash, and yes, I will change the channel now, and yes, I need to stay in my lane.


On a lighter note, we made it home in one piece! 😉