Sometimes, things pop out and just seem to yell, “HEY, PAY ATTENTION!”

I got two emails from very different places, within two hour of each other. They both made me stop what I was doing a take a good inventory of me, never a pretty look!


One, from Lindsey at Positive Performance Training, a company that develops mindset coaches for athletes of all ages. In her email, she starts out with all the crappy things she’s done (stress eating, yelling at her kids, etc.), but then offers up something that make me stop in my tracks:

I am worthy of working through all of my faults. I am worthy of messing up and getting better. I am worthy of constantly trying to improve. I am worthy of loving myself hard. 


In this year of Covid, of shut down schools, of people questioning us as teacher, as people, if we could see that we ARE worthy of so much more than we allow ourselves to be. We are worthy of our mistakes, worthy of our own imperfections, and we are worthy of our own improvement.


That just rocked me back a little bit because when I screw up, I tend to spiral a bit. I’ve been working on positive self-talk for a while, but it’s so easy to drop back into that “you are such an idiot” place. It’s a dark place as many of you probably know. This just allowed me that opportunity to see, yes, I am worthy of those mistakes that I make because we all make them. But I’m also worthy of being able to work on myself, trying to make my best life happen! 🙂

The second email came from Flying Edna, a site dedicated to handmade art by Kai, better know as Brian Andreas of StoryPeople fame and his partner, Fia Skye. They have a daily email, a story for everyday, and their email they sent out was another show stopper.

In my dreams, the angel said you can only know something so long before you have to admit it to yourself & I said I haven’t found any real time limit myself & she laughed so loud I woke up & from far away, I heard her whisper, time’s up.


This forced me to to stop and have a good look at my life. Again, I am worthy to allow myself mistakes, but I also have to admit, sometimes, there are things that I do to myself. I lost a bunch of weight during our lock down, but jumping back into school, that weight came right back. I wasn’t able to control my own nerves and eating like a teenage boy, thus I’m a fat man running again (my hashtag on trying to get myself back in shape).

Either way, there are many mistakes that I’ve made that I just need to admit to myself, which is not easy for me because I am the king of deflections! 🙂

So, allow yourself some grace because you are worthy of many things, but don’t push things that you need to admit because, at some point, the angel with laugh, and time will be up!