Frustrated, Inc feels like our lives right now. Pandemic, social unrest, educational battles, Iowa basketball, hell, daughters! 🙂

In 1995, Soul Asylum wrote and performed a song titled Misery, where they sang about “Frustrated, Incorporated”.

We could build a factory and make misery We’ll create the cure; we made the disease

It’s been a long twelve months as we look back. March 11 was the last time I saw my students last year in school. We lost 3/4 of our basketball season. I’ve not seen my parents, brother with his family since June, and my wife’s aunt and uncle since August. We’ve missed live music, eating out, and have been feeling frustrated.

One frustration, my own mental health, will be on display starting tomorrow. Tomorrow, I begin my sixth year of the Slice of Life Challenge, a challenge where I will be writing daily, for the month of March. I’ll be writing about many different things (Iowa’s ignorance about masks, more Iowa basketball, my mental health or lack there of, me being “lonely”) and while it may be difficult, it will be writing, which is good for my soul.

Another frustration that is tapped down for right now, Iowa basketball. On Thursday, they were beaten down pretty will by a very talented Michigan team. One of their key reserves was lost for the season and the Iowa fans were running around screaming the sky was falling. Well, the only things that fell this afternoon were three pointers because Iowa looked. for other than about a two minute span, like a championship team. Great passing, good decisions, and when the run came by #4 Ohio State, they weathered it, rebuilt the lead, and were never threatened.

So, with the coming of March, we’ll air some of those frustrations, make some people mad, and hopefully, find some new people to read this drivel!

But, hopefully, those frustrations will bring some joy to others, with smiles, giggles, and an occasional eye roll, because we don’t want to “make the disease”!