Kids were grumpy.

It was ridiculously cold.

I forgot my lunch.

And I didn’t get my Slice of Life post written on Tuesday. Not a big deal, but not a good sign as we are closing in on the 14th Annual Slice of Life Challenge, where we write for 31 days straight. To find out more, click here, or better yet to sign up, click here.


Anyway, my clarity was further clouded with the end of the road for a team I really cared deeply for as 8th graders. They were talented and they were good people. They lost their tournament game last night (Wednesday) night and I was heart-broken, no lie. I was not ready for that chapter of my own life to go because watching and hearing about how well they did, gave me great joy. I didn’t sleep well, not because I’m their coach, that’s been done a while, but because I knew they were hurting.


This morning (Thursday) wasn’t much better and as I pulled out to head to school, I was distracted by those “what if” thoughts bouncing around my brain. Again, not because I was their coach, but just because my brain needed to process through. But then, as I turned onto the hard surface road, this happened:


Now, because of my stroke, and tear up at the drop of a hat, and that’s exactly what happened. It a moment of clarity that yes, the sun came up today, and the hurt is still raw out there, but today came, just as it should. It just put many things into perspective as I was driving to work with much of the chaos around me. I love coaching and one of the reasons why is I can teach, not only basketball, but life. I went through some emails I’ve sent to players and their replies. While I’m never going to win any awards or anything like that, there’s an impact out there. Sometimes it’s subtle, but there all the same.

So, to the seniors at NFV, you’ve left a legacy that will carry on in the coming years. You’ve given girls basketball a place in NFV sports that it didn’t have before. You’ve inspired younger girls to do better and be better. And best of all, you’ve become amazing young adults. You can’t ask for much more. I say this to each team, you always have a place in your coach’s heart and you are always part of that basketball family, no matter where life takes you.

I’m sorry they lost and that it had to end too soon, but I’m happy to have had the honor of coaching them. They gave me clarity back when I needed it.

And today, clarity never felt so good. 🙂