So, Stacey invited me to be part of a Slice of Life Facebook Live event, talking about the March Challenge coming up. The invitation email, like the organization, was very professional and I know she and Betsy put a ton of thought into what this first time event could look like!


No, not sweet! Ok, maybe a little. This year will be my sixth year doing the March Challenge, and I’m really looking forward to it for a couple of reasons.

  1. Just a pressure to write for a month is a good pressure. I wrote about the first time I “failed” to get a writing done for the March Challenge. I was ticked off too!! So, my plan is to get some “pre-writings” done before hand, get my blogs set up, and just be ready for the work this takes!


2. Each year, this gets a little bit bigger. I’ve tried to pull other people into the challenge with little luck. I get one of two responses: a big eye roll (OMG , why do you do THAT?) or a look of horror like “I can’t write, people my SEE my feelings and then *gasp* ask my about them”.


3. This time of year, you need a spark. Spring is almost here but yet, March always brings a snowstorm and cold weather. You can count on the March Challenge to usher in warmer weather and great writing by some amazing people.

So getting back to the live event, the people made me nervous. Truly. I looked at last list and went “damn” because they were the big hitters both of this community and a larger educational community. Who was I to think I deserved air time talking about my writing?

However, I’ve been working on pushing some comfort zones, so I agreed and honestly, I’m glad that I did. Like I said above, Betsy and Stacey were both super organized and real easy to talk with about my experience. The best part, seeing and hearing people that I know are amazing educators. Let’s be honest, the likelihood of me making it to an ELA/writing conference is slim to none. Our district is dealing with a lot right now, so professional development is a tough sell. After my nervousness about being on camera, the thought of listening to these skilled professionals talk, even for a few minutes made the choice to join in an easy one. And they were all so good! They talked of their experiences, the power of being a teacher-writer, and how they were brought into the Challenge.

All in all, this was a great experience and it got me even more jazzed up to make this work in my schedule. I’ll have my notebook near by as I’m gather ideas over the next month, prepping for a great Slice of Life Challenge 2021!

I appreciated the invitation to be part of the Facebook Live event (ego boosts are never bad), and if you are interested, it’s on the Two Writing Teachers Facebook page!

And if you do watch it, skip over the dude looking really nervous on the camera. He didn’t have much to say! 🙂