Iowa: The Good

Tonight, the Iowa Hawkeyes played the North Carolina Tarheels in a much anticipated game in the Big 10/ACC Challenge. Iowa has a once in a generation team with a ton of experience and a player of year candadite in Luka Garza. North Carolina is a young team, but very athletic and very long. It’s was a good, early test for both teams. Iowa ended up winning this game 93 – 80. In the past, the Hawks would have shut down as they ran out to a sizable lead, then let the Tarheels back into the game, giving up the lead briefly. This group responded and as a coach, you LOVE to see that happen. My only issues, the defense they played (mental lapses), free throw shooting, and continuing to push to be better every day. Iowa tends to peak too early, then suck down the stretch. If they can clean those things up and stay healthy, this could be a special season!


Iowa: The bad

Today, we had a 38% positivity rate for those being tested for Covid. We have a middle school student whose parents are going on a trip out east to visit family. We have people walking into stores with “Masks are required” signs on their doors WITHOUT MASKS. I cannot state how many people I’d respected have lost their luster because of the way they’ve acted with this virus. Each day, I’m astounded how students come in talking about “it’s only the flu” and “the survival rate is 99%”, and my favorite: “We have to live our lives.” Are you kidding me? One percent of 340 million people is over three million people who could die. This doesn’t take into account the breathing problems, the blood clots, the different things that Covid can destroy in your body! Our “mask mandate” is a joke and we continue to flail around as if there are no experts and science doesn’t count.


Iowa: The Ugly

This part has been bubbling in the back of my head since the election where Iowa turned from a purple state to one that is decidedly red. It may offend people. I’m in that “I don’t give a damn” kind of mood. However, writing (and teacher) extraordinaire, Patrick Kearney, wrote a great letter to Iowa a few days ago, so I’ll just say “ditto” to what he said and move forward. There’s no point rehashing things, but damn I’m disappointed in this state and the county I live in. Over 60% in our county made the choice to say “I believe in the lies that have been told to me” or “I have one issue I’m voting on” to create this ugly feeling. I look at the people around me and it’s hard to have much respect anymore. Add to that most state Democratic candidates were washed out with this Trump Party sewer back up, it’s another two years of a red governor and legislative branch.


I will finish this up with a fun little nugget. Last night, my wife, an early childhood teacher, pulled this book out of her pile of books to give to her students:

If you can find a little happiness from a book about a yeti, then you are my people! ๐Ÿ™‚