I know people who do amazing things.

A few years ago (was it that long ago) that wrote about a former student named Kara and her writing. She’s continued to write and has put out some pretty amazing stories on her life in Washington D.C.


Well, on Facebook last night, she posted about a project that she’s part of called The Playing Field Project. When I read the post, I got goosebumps and my heart started to race.


This is a project about creating equity in a place it is sorely needed, our judical system. From their website:

The Playing Field Project Foundation works to eliminate the socioeconomic barriers to the legal profession. The Project provides financial assistance to low-income BIPOC for LSAT prep services, law school application assistance, and pre-law school prep programs.


As I read through this site, looked at their ideas, the passion that the writing cares and I think about how much good this project could do.

Like many of us, I did a lot of learning this summer. Between watching the protests around our country to all of the information shared on social media, it was as if floodgates had been opened and this rush of information was allowed to come. For most of the people this project looks to help, this is daily life, but for small town Iowa here, it was hard to watch, hard to digest, and hard to fathom there were so many things I simply had never known about our country.


I’ve tried to keep quiet, watch, and learn. But as this popped up yesterday, I could not be silent. I messaged Kara and asked if I could write about the project and push it out on my social medias (to which she obviously said yes). These are the types of things we need to look at in our own lives, the privileges we been given (yes, I said in), and how we can make a difference, not matter how small in the life of someone who wants something bigger than themselves. This summer has really forced me to do that and this slice is a small way for me to help them get their message out.

I have one favor to ask as I finish this up. Please click on the link, read through their site, and if the spirit moves you, please share in your own socials. This project started last summer in response to the protests. If we are to break down the racism that is in our country, our legal system has to be representative of what our country in coming, in all the beautiful colors she’s turning.

This is a different sort of slice for me. Thank you for coming along to see what different can look like once it gets out of my head.


In the end, all we can do it to throw that rock into the lake and hope the ripples that are created carry far and wide, even after we leave.

And thank you, Kara, for continue to push all of us to do better and be better. 🙂