This is what my wife brought home for me. We’ve both been stressed about teaching, both being full time face to face. Her 12 transitional kindergarteners and my 76 sixth graders (plus multiple interactions with other kids/grade levels) have us exhausted and a little slap happy.


Never mind that! She had this silly grin on her face as she came into the house from work, gave me a kiss, and my M&Ms.

A friend asked later (I posted this on Facebook) if I shared with her.



I hope, if you are teaching face to face, that you are taking care of yourself, your happy (as you can be), and healthy.

If you are teaching remotely, I hope you are giving yourself a chance to get up, move around, and keep your sanity while on hours of Zoom/Google Meet calls.

Most of all, give your loved ones and your teacher friends a little chocolate.