Since our daughters left the house, we’ve had more time. We aren’t chasing around to swim meets, band concerts, music contests, and all the other things that make life crazy in the lives of high schoolers and their parents. We make the occasional run to Ames and Iowa City, but we’ve not done much more. Our routine just don’t include the high school anymore. Don’t know if that’s good or bad or what is it, but we’ve not made that a priority.

This got us thinking, what IS our priority? Where do we want to spend that time we spent over those six years of high school? Last year, it was visiting different people we not see in a while, seeing new places, and just being out there. This year, we ran a lot to Ames and Iowa City to visit our daughters. But what else did we want?


We’d talked about different volunteer opportunities. Two that had popped into our heads: the Humane Society  and a local food bank. The Humane Society would be one that we’d love. The problem with that, it’s 30 miles away. There are no animal shelters closer. It’s still an option, so we’ll see about that one.


The food bank has come and gone. Again, a little bit of a drive, but nothing we’d really gotten serious about for the two of us. Until this stupid virus showed up.


With our newly found time, we reached out a new food bank, about 10 minutes away. We were told no, but they’d keep our names for future reference. Fine. We didn’t give it much thought until they reached out and asked if we could work today.


So, we went. We helped. And we felt like we had a purpose. Everyone we encountered was so happy for the help. The food bank had instituted different rules because of the virus, so it was a drive up opportunity. The virus has changed how people can get needed food for their families.


So we talked to people in their cars, brought the needed supplies, and sent them on their way. 25 families later, we helped to pack things up and we were on our way. It gave today a purpose, a reason for getting up. We have to do online professional development, which is fine. I’ve emailed and called students, which is a great thing to do. But I’ve felt a lack of purpose for much longer than this time period.

Today, I felt purpose. We gave back to a community I’ve felt has been supportive of their education.

And it felt good.