StarDate Log: 03162020

The natives are growing restless. There’s not much hope for us now. All we can do is wait and see if we can get off this godforsaken planet with all our facilities intact!


Ok, perhaps the next month will be more Twilight Zone than Star Trek, but either way, a new normal is upon us. We were up late talking about what all this meant so my sleep schedule is off. I woke up at 2:00 AM and just couldn’t get back to sleep. I came downstairs, plugged into some ChillHop music on YouTube, and added 500 words to my previous blog.

That helped.

But my mind was still racing. Too much information, too many “what ifs”, and not enough time to process the fact that we are going to miss a month of school! But, that’s the new normal. That’s where we are and going forward, this is what we’ll be doing.

So, Day 1, we’ve spent recharging our batteries. We slept in, had our coffee watching the news, and have puttered around the house all day. However, I’m not going lie, the emails from our superintendent and principal have my anxiety level through the roof. We are going to look at professional development, but we are to have a virtual meeting to share information. The emails are vague (on purpose I’m sure) but I’m already anxious. This isn’t helping.

We are making a list of things we’d like to do during these thirty days. Clean the basement, clean the attic, hiking a couple of different trails, and if it warms up, getting the bikes out. I got a Rasberry Pi for Christmas a couple of years ago, so I need to fire that up and get into it, along with figuring out some more Minecraft things too. I’d love to do a Minecraft club, however, I’d also love to be a little more adept at playing the game! Reading a couple of books would be a great goal as well, not stuff here, but a real book. And lord knows I have PLENTY of books that I’ve purchased and not read. Tomorrow, we’ll get to a new food bank and get training to be volunteers there.

So, we’ll see what happens. My hope is that my anxiety is just wasted energy, that parents will understand that we are flying just as blind as they are and that we can all get through this with as few hiccups as possible.

If not, this new normal will be a very uncomfortable normal.