Well, it’s the 2020 Slice of Life Challenge and I’m already behind!


So, we’ll start out with an oldie, but a goodie in terms of challenge slices.


  • I am nervous. I don’t like feeling this unprepared for the challenge. I thought I was doing well, but I’m not.
  • I am feeling strong. My wife and I just got done with an “Indoor Ironman Challenge” where we ran 26.2 miles, swam 2.4 miles, and rode 116 miles on the bike over the month of February. I’m still obese but have lost almost 10 pounds since Christmas.
  • I am a writer, I love looking at my blog count. It shows that I am a writer, no matter how much I mock myself. My 25 followers will tell you I write on Tuesdays and some Fridays.
  • I am a teacher. Enough said. 25 years and many different grade levels, I’m back to sixth grade where I started.
  • I am tired. Enough said as well. Teaching, being a husband, father, and son, I’m struggling at all of them right now.
  • I am worried. Cornavirus (no, NOT the beer), growing old, my parents growing old, changes in education, all of it makes me lose sleep.
  • I am happy spring is coming. Today, going outside, it sounded different. Different birds had come back. Robins and blackbirds today, more tomorrow. Spring is near.

And finally:

I am happy that we are writing on the first day of March in the Slice of Life Challenge!

Good luck Slicers, I look forward to seeing your writing, thoughts, and slices!