I’m 48, relatively healthy, with a beautiful wife and two beautiful daughters.

Yet, I’m feeling old. Again.


Ugh! I’ve felt old and out of touch the last few days for numerous reasons, but last night, this just jumped out and stood on my chest:

Recently, our local adult alternative station, KDEC, was purchased by a slightly bigger radio group. The owners had decided they wanted to retire, their daughter, who’d been with the station for a LONG time was getting some serious looks with her blues band, so was moving away from the station. This was the right move for them, and I cannot fault them for what they wanted to do (and the fact it made them a truck load of cash didn’t make this decision hard either). Well, the switch was made, and for the most part, things continued on without too much noticeable difference. DJs were changed, but the programing was pretty much the same.

Until September 30th.


At that point, changes, BIG changes happened. I was out of town, but people talked about how the music stopped, the elevator music started, and every 10 minutes there was a commercial telling of changes coming.

Suddenly, instead of a funky mix of alternative music for “people who love music” (KDEC), we now have “ALL ROCK ALL THE TIME” on a station called “Hawk Rawk”.


Now, don’t get me wrong, I love a good head banging song as much as the next aging rocker, but I can find that at on a different, much better radio station about an hour away (Rock 108, KFMW). The group who bought this radio station took a community based radio station who played such a variety of music, and turned it into a run of the mill rock station. To add insult to injury, this radio group owns a classic rock station in the same town, so you have two stations, crossing over with songs from time to time. Good grief. So, a group of us at school are mourning the loss of good music.

Hey, Change. Get off my lawn.