……like the “beginning of the school year” tired.

Yesterday was Tuesday. Tuesday is my writing day. Tuesday is Slice of Life Day.


I remembered at 9:45 PM as I was crawling into bed, “Damnit, I didn’t get anything written today.” It wasn’t happening.


Earlier in the day, I’d posted the title of this blog: There’s no tired like a “beginning of the school year tired”, thinking it was kind of funny. It kind of hit a nerve, both with teachers and non-teachers. Many of my teacher friends thought this was spot on. I had someone say, “It’s only Tuesday,” and another commented about their chosen profession.

True, teachers have a unique take on things. We work extremely hard from August through June doing lesson plans, grading, professional development, parent contacts, making thousands and thousands of decisions during this time. June is spent curriculum planning, meeting with teams, trying to get to a conference (good luck with that $$$$$$), or just trying to finish out the school year. For part of June and all of July, it’s about my family. In the past, it’s been swim practices and meets, mini camp outs, county fair, and the act of getting all of it ready. Soon, it will be just about family, which is a good thing.

August rolls around, and suddenly, we switch from parent to teacher mode. This year, it was state fair, a yucky chest cold, getting my wife from the airport a day last (thank you customs and your system fiasco) and suddenly, we were in the midst of school again!

Each of us knows, August rolls around, it’s time to prep, it’s time to get to bed at a reasonable hour, it’s time to take care of our bodies. Do we?


I was in bed last night by 9:45 PM, unheard of for me. My Fitbit tells me I was asleep by 10:00 PM, which I don’t doubt. I tried to read, but lasted about 5 minutes before the words were blurring together like a blizzard scene, so I gave up.

These first weeks are stressful for all of us. Go check on your teacher friends. Bring them chocolate. Bring them gum. Bring them something to help them through this time.

Because truly, there’s no tired like the “beginning of the school year” tired!