After eating new things, meeting new people, and experiencing some of what The South is all about, it was time to come back to Iowa, and reality.

Our flight was at 9:00 AM from Charleston, and I’m always nervous about the TSA in bigger cities, so we scheduled an Uber for 6:00 AM. Now, this was another first for us, scheduling and using an Uber. Where we live, there is one Uber driver, one. Yes, we live literally in the middle of nowhere. And no, Uber isn’t a tractor with a couch or lawn chairs!


So our Uber driver, Scott, took us to the airport, and wow, he’s had an interesting life! He schedules his drive time from 4:00 AM to 1:00 PM to avoid the bar (wise man), has a bunch of grandkids, and his daughter is in college in Utah! Just an interesting ride, made even more so by another fine example of Charleston! Thank you, Nathan for making our last ride in town a great one!

Of course, we get through TSA in about 15 minutes, so we’ve got TONS of time to kill. So I get to read my new book about a British spy in Charleston during the Civil War. Our flight is on time, and what do you know, we get to sit together! We went “basic” on Delta, and on our flight from Atlanta to Charleston, we didn’t get to sit together. But, I got a good nap in! 🙂

However, for our flight to Detroit, we were in the last seats of the plane, the very last ones, so no worries about tipping my seat back because we couldn’t do it! However, we got to sit by one of the flight attendants, Scott. Scott was a whoot! He was engaging, funny, and just relaxed in what he did. We talked about where we’d gone, where he was going, and he was just what a flight attendant should be. Thank you, Scott, for making the flight, a rather bumpy one, one to remember!

Detroit was a quick layover, but the airport was cool. Fun colors and sounds in a tunnel from one gate to another! Our Detriot flight started onto and suddenly, we were home!

That Friday, we were in 93 degree heat with 87% humidity. We arrived in Iowa to 70 degrees and 50% humidity!


All in all, this trip was well worth the wait. We experienced new things, ate new food, drank new drinks, and best of all, enjoyed our time with each other. To me, this is what it’s all about, time with my wife. We’ve been married 25 years and needed this trip to reconnect. Our school year’s were tough and our nest was empty on top of it. It was nice to be relaxed, to not have a schedule dictating our time.

The best part: the Southern accent! We had someone ask, “Y’all don’t sound like you are from around here.” The Mid-West accent is real, but the Southern accent is meant to be savored. Just like Southern hospitality.

And savor it we did!