Another day in paradise (or vacation)!

We woke up to hot and humid! The predicted temperature was to be over 90 degrees with a heat index over at least 100 degrees. I’m not sure that it got there, but it was a warm one! Our Iowa bodies, not used to the weather due to the fact that it’s been cool and rainy forever, had a tough time all week! But, we keep hydrated and keep going!

First, breakfast. I’m focusing on this because again, it’s these little things that The Meeting Street Inn did that created this atmosphere vacation. They didn’t have to set everything up. True, putting the yogurt in a container, setting the granola out, getting fresh fruit and the coffee made, not hard work at all. But it’s that little bit of effort that separates them from the big name hotels.

Anyway, today’s adventure, a narrated carriage ride!


We headed down to the Palmetto Carriage Works for one of their tours! Now, Charlestown is in the midst of a “these horses need to be free and using them for this job is inhumane” debate. People want to shut down ALL of the carriages in Charlestown. I’m not going to go into the details of that, just remind everyone that this is what these horses are bred for: work. They are beautiful, strong, sensitive animals, but in the end, this is what they do. Our guide said they purchase their horses from Amish and that they (the carriage company) can extend the life span of these horses by about 10 years by having them do what they do best, work. Life in the city or any urban area is so much different than life in rural Iowa. The disconnect between what farm life is all about and what city life is all about grows greater with each passing year. See the animal welfare part of their website! 🙂

BUT, that’s not the point of this blog! Our horse was a big beautiful animal name DeBlasio, and our guide took the time to talk about him and his care. The tour, so awesome. We learned about the various sites in the part of Charlestown we toured, some of the houses we’d seen on our own walking, some were new to us. All in all, it was an hour well spent because we gained a little more knowledge of where we were.

Then, we ate!


Our lunch was fairly light, but for supper, we ate our way around the town. We went back to the Oyster Bar and we slurped down our first raw oysters! My wife tells the story of Chirstmas Eve with her family and the oyster stew that her mom made for her grandparents. So NOT like that story! Salty and different, but a good thing to try all the same! I even brought how the shells as souvenirs (I’m pathetic, I know this all ready)! We wandered down King Street, more high end shopping part of downtown. A little, no, a LOT out of our league, we stopped by an antique store where a china cabinet was listed at $25,000 and a beautiful mahogany desk was listed at $12,000.


Our next stop was Poogan’s Porch, a restaurant named after the dog the owners got with the house! He was a beloved animal, but passed away in 1979. One of the fun stories in Charlestown is that he still haunts the restaurant! Well, we didn’t sense his presences, but we did sense the fried green tomatoes and pimento fritters! They were delicious, as we expected! We stopped by the hotel for, you guessed it, wine and cheese, and retired to our room for a quick late afternoon nap! It’s hot you know and our Iowa bodies were not reacting well! 🙂 We awoke a little bit later, refreshed, but not hungry at all! My wife had the brilliant idea of a Peace Pie!


Peace Pie is on Meeting Street, just down from Hymann’s Seafood. It’s a real basic idea: good ice cream and cookies make the best ice cream sandwiches! And they do! All kinds of flavors of ice cream, sandwiched between two shortbread cookies with peace imprints on them. I had a key lime pie flavored ice cream sandwich, while my wife had a turtle flavored! As we came out of the shop, a nice little wall cloud had developed over the northern part of the city, so we beat it back to our hotel, and turned on the TV for the first time! We watched the storm roll through, and decided to stay in, the one night we slowed down.

Our adventure is nearing is close, but we have one more night in town! Thanks for joining us so far on our trip to Charlestown!