Good morning my soggy, rain drenched, storm weary friends! We are getting hammered with repeated storms, not as bad as our friends further south, but apparently there was a pretty good hail storm last night! My garden is about three weeks behind getting things put in, my seedlings have grown so slowly that I’m buying plants, and the soil is so saturated! This has been a crazy six months, not one that I’ve ever seen before.

Anyway, Tuesday, I was talking to a “veteran teacher” (IE: she’s been a here a few years longer than I have, so we are old!), when a former student walks in. He’s beaming and tells us he graduated last Friday and proceeded to give us his graduation announcement, inviting us to his party this weekend. He was just so excited and happy that he had his diploma and was ready to start the next steps in his life.

His attitude was so refreshing because he was a special education student and had to work his tail off to get to this point. To him, this graduation was an accomplishment worth sharing with the world because he’d done something not many people thought he could! Contrast this with emails our sixth grade team received over the last few days from parents and students, wondering why, when an assignment was turned in weeks late, that it wasn’t taken off the late work list immediately. The sense of entitlement is just baffling to me.

I celebrate this senior for NOT having that sense of entitlement, for working hard, owning his mistakes and shortcomings, and working to make his own success. We could learn a lot from this graduated senior on just buckling down and getting things finished without whining, complaining, or all the other stuff students feel they need to do because the work is hard. Guess what, the work is still there!

Thank you for keeping me positive! I wish you all the success in the world as you make your mark!