Welp, we aren’t challenged to write every day, but I’m still noticing things around me



Today, it’s happiness, because I need a jolt of that right now. So, what I’ve noticed recently:

  1. First and foremost, the Iowa Hawkeye Women’s basketball team is the epitome of joy. This group of coaches and young women has been so joyful in all they’ve been doing this season, and to be honest, many, many years. Coach Lisa Bluder and her staff have created this amazing atmosphere in Iowa City, and recruited athletes with such great, unselfish attitudes. This video clip of their All-American center, Megan Gustafson, tells so much about the quality of person AND player. This is a team that carried itself with such class, being gracious and open, showing the young fans (girls AND boys) what hard work can get you. I’ve been looking through the Twitterverse at the Hawk fans, and they are so dang positive about this team and those intangibles! Being good people. Being kind. Being a role model. All of it matters. It just makes my heart sad to that last night didn’t turn out the way Hawkeye fans wanted, but wow, such exposure for the program and peak at what could be!
  2. I’ve noticed a joy in my teaching, even though this year has been exhausting. Teaching sixth graders, working with character education, and learning about my new team have (again) given my teaching a new life. No, teaching will never be easy. No, sixth grade will never be easy (just beginning to be angsty). And no, education as a whole will never be easy (don’t look at my FB page!). However, there’s is so much joy that can be taken from the energy my students bring and the silly things they do!
  3. We have a book fair in our school right now (buy one, get one free…woot!), and if a guy can’t get joy from that, there’s something wrong! I love the book fair, period. It’s always a happy place with new books abounding! There’s something about a second grader with two books in her hand along with a $5 bill, waiting anxiously in line. Heck, there’s something about a sixth grade teacher, his book pile and credit card in hand, waiting anxiously in line! I have a pile of stuff to share with my students that will be placed in my classroom library.
  4. This is a little strange, but my social media has been a joy. My Facebook is usually an ornery place of hostile politic stuff intermix with various redneck things. My twitter feed, not always a real nice place either! However, I’ve shortened some of my social media things, and today, it’s really positive. Between people coming out to thank the Iowa Women’s team to just really positive affirmations, this has been a place a joy for me today.

So, where have you seen joy in your life? What have you noticed that’s brought you joy? And if you’ve not noticed any joy, why not? What’s stopping joy from entering your life? I was surprised just how much is out there once I just allowed it to come.

Happiness is a choice. Joy is a choice.