Yesterday, I got my state retirement statement in the mail, and it showed I have worked at my job for 19.5 years.


I remember the interview well as I had two that were around 90 miles away from each other. My first interview was at my current job, with many of the same teachers I work with today. It was very informal with the typical questions that I’d grown used to with other interviews. The second interview, a little more difficult. It was more formal and I didn’t get the same family feel.

Almost 20 years later, I watched my daughter prepare for her first real interview, a job at our local extension office, organizing and running summer camps for elementary students. She was SO nervous about everything, not wanting to eat, and just bouncing off the wall.

We talked her though some possible questions, had her practice a couple of answers for us, then sent her on her way. She came home just abuzz about who interviewed her (a neighbor, someone who knew me), as well as how she nailed the interview, with a couple of the practice questions being asked. Then, as she was bouncing off the walls (again), she gets a phone call, and sure enough, is offered the job.

Now, she’s starting in on my wife, asking her if she’d volunteer. It’s an easy con because that’s what my wife had all ready planned on doing, as she’s a preschool teacher.

Sometimes, that panic about an upcoming event can be channeled into positive energy. My daughter has had issues with being able to do this, letting the emotions of the moment overtake her. Not today. Today, she was strong and did what she needed and now, a feather on her resume as she goes forward.