Friday night, spring break at college descended on our home as the fledglings returned.

Now, our oldest came home for a couple days, and is currently on her way to Branson with her boyfriend. Our youngest is home until Friday, when we head to Iowa City.

We noticed this at Christmas, then again when the youngest came home last week, when the house if full, we just don’t seem in sync. I would imagine that’s because we have adult children now, but it takes some getting used to for all of us. Figuring out shower schedules, eating schedules, heck, sleep schedules, it makes things a little tense.

Of course, it doesn’t help when everyone’s a little grumpy: us because our students have been a mess because of snow days, our oldest because “college is hard” and our youngest because “college is hard when you don’t use your time wisely”. While there weren’t the harsh arguments, it gets tense.

On the flip side, we talked until midnight Friday, with the oldest and myself being up late last night trying to fix her taxes (my mess up, not hers). There was laughter and good questions and right now, youngest is over at a neighbor’s house, loving on a newly born calf who she’ll show this summer.

As I reflect on my brother and me, what we did when we were home after a year in college, it couldn’t have been easy for my parents. I need to thank my parents for not beating us senseless with the tomfoolery we pulled. In our family, our oldest really never moved home as she had an intership one year, and stayed cheap in Ames last year. Of course, she never had a job last summer, which is a point of contention in our house, but she made it through and has another intership, starting in May.

This summer could be interesting with our youngest wanting to work a job 15 miles away rather than the job 5 miles down the road (seriously), but she’s our “learn the hard way” child. We’ll be there to support, pick her up, and do what we do.

I’m not sure why people fear the empty nest. There’s more than enough to do around here to keep both my wife and I busy.

What I fear, that the nest will be repopulated with fledglings! Please, come visit, and if need be, stay a while, but now is your time! 🙂