Look at these fresh faces kids, starting their lives out together, 25 years ago today. We’d dated from April of our freshman year in the college (1990), and in February of 1993, got engaged.

My mother in law was NOT happy with the date we’d picked. “What if it’s too cold?” “What if it snows?” Needless to say, we ignored her questions.


We tried to change a few things up for our wedding. My wife wanted something “different” and in some aspects, she willed this to happen. We had an evening wedding, which was different. The timing was obviously different. If I had to do it again, I’d listen more to her. My mother in law knew her way around my soon to be wife was me, so we had a few things at the reception that didn’t need to be there. However, for the most part, the whole thing went off without too much family drama! 🙂

And 25 years later, we’ve raised two kids to adulthood, visited places all over the United States, lived in Minnesota, Alaska, Missouri, and Iowa, own three houses, and had countless laughs, cries, fights, makeups, and lived a lift worth living.

At each 5 year marker, we do something a little bigger. We celebrated 5 years in Niagra Falls, 10 years in San Anotnio, 15 years with an anniversary band, 20 years in New Orleans, and this year, we’ll travel to Charleston, South Carolina in June. This has been a tough one for us because we’ve had a gallizon snow days, and we’ll have a daughter moving home for the summer. It’s hard to put money down on something when you just feel that someone or something is going to screw it up! However, that’s what we’ll do, just have a little faith in that everything will work out.

It seems to have done us well for 25 years! 🙂