A fine good morning (or afternoon or evening, depending on your time zone).

Today, I’m all out of sorts. First, I forgot to schedule pictures for our club team. Not that it was a huge deal, but “all the other coaches did”, and the photographer is a college student, trying to make a little money…


So, we scheduled them for practice today, at 6:30 in the morning. Friday isn’t a normal early practice day, so I was out of sorts last night trying to get things ready for today. Homemade cinnamon rolls are the bribe and I showed up without them, wow. And I did exactly that. I got to school, unlocked the door, when to grab the rolls and they are at home.


Called my wife, made her late because she had to bail me out. Ugh. It’s a never ending story of  “seriously” around our place, and this just another brick in the wall! 🙂

But, I digress.

Today, we believe in the best. Why? The real question is: Why not? As I looked back into my draft folder, this title popped up, and what I wrote was NOT positive at all. So, I decided to delete and try again. In believing in the best, sometimes, we are let down. I try my hardest to be the best husband, father, brother, uncle, etc. that I can be, but I know I let those people in my life down because I often fail. Should I give up? Should I quit because it’s too hard?


So, I keep at it. I keep trying to communicate better, to share more, to be more accessible, more present in the moment. As New Year’s Resolutions were being tossed around, I heard many people talk about being more present, putting the device, game, remote, down and listening more. I’ve tried that too. I don’t carry my phone around the house as much, and it’s amazing what I hear and see! 🙂

Believing in the best of people is a walk of faith, because while I let others down, who wants to be let down themselves? Not this guy! But it requires that I allow myself that chance to be hurt by an unkind word, an unkind gesture (whether on purpose or not) or simply being forgotten. It requires all of us to believe that our friends and family have “the right stuff” and always will. Now, I know that my youngest daughter will let me know (she’s a spitfire who doesn’t think before she acts) and that my oldest daughter will do the same (she’s overly critical her parents). That doesn’t change the fact I love them and will be in their corner no matter what. It doesn’t change that I will always believe in the best of them, regardless of their attitude towards their “old” parents! 🙂

So, as you are out about about this weekend (it’s suppose to be 50 degree here in northeast Iowa), look around and see the best in those around you. In order for us to get past the divide that’s been created in our country, we have to start everyone and believing they can do good and be good.

If not, it’s hard to imagine a world where I believe half of us can be good people. I’d rather believe in you and be let down, than not take the chance to start.