Hello my blog! Just a little lapse to deal with students are a frantically trying to turn my hair gray and trying to get me sick (many many students out sick in 6th grade).

Empty nesting, it’s not for the faint at heart. My wife and I have had numerous throw downs because we are each others lifelines. We don’t make friends really easily, and the ones we really have are hundreds of miles away. She is my best friend, the one I trust above all else because she won’t beat around the bush about things.

I was whining/complaining about something school related, moaning about about something, she looks over at me and says something to the effect of:

“You have so much to offer, quit complaining about what you can’t offer. School’s not always about what you can teach, it’s about making it matter to kids, making them feel like they matter, and do you a great job of that!”


However, it got me thinking (dangerous I know). I sell myself short constantly. I despise change, and I beat myself up for not being a better teacher. But, I do a few things well:

  • I make relationships count with students count. I try to find that hook for kids. Not always successful with that in a rural area because I’m not a hunter, nor am I a gamer (not for lack of trying), but for the most part, I connect. Kids know I care, and that matters.
  • I make relationships with staff count. I’m a awful conversationalist, but I make the effort to stop in those in my hallway just to say hi, get to a read on students or others in the building.
  • I make relationships with parents count too. Whether classroom or coaching, I try to make sure I communicate the best I can with them. Again, terrible conversationalist, so I prefer the emails, Reminds, or just a written note, but living in a small community, I see parents everywhere! From 4th of July celebrations to parent teacher conferences, I have to be able to talk with a brat in my hand or data in front of me! ๐Ÿ™‚

What does this all mean? Men, listen to your wives (that’s a painful statement). They know stuff. And trust your instincts, they may just be correct!