It’s Black Friday and I’m in a bit of a food coma. My wife made pumpkin pie for our family because otherwise, we’d have not gotten in, and I’m ready to finish it off. However, I’ve pulled my head OUT of the pie plate to make sure I keep my schedule of writing going. There’s been a lot of buzzing going on in my head, so this Friday, it’s the random stuff that’s popping up:

  • Tuesday’s blog about social media got a lot of comments and many people think! That’s what I want for my blog, for people to think! There were some great comments, though no solutions to what I see as an ever growing problem!
  • I also wrote about youth basketball a couple of weeks ago, and this week a tweet went out about a student missing practice over Thanksgiving break. The replies to that tweet just reinforce that I made a great decision to NOT join the varsity ranks. I love doing what I do without the pressure of having to win. I just get to teach, to help my girls be better players, and better players. Can their be a better job?? 🙂
  • After a frustrating season, the Iowa Hawkeyes managed to win their last two games, bringing to a close a season of “what ifs”. They were never blown out in any of their four losses, and in fact, they should have won at least two of those games. As it is, they are currently 8 – 4, and will got to the Big Freakin’ Deal Bowl in late December.
  • We had our youngest daughter to urgent care last night (Thanksgiving) because she could not tell us how sick she was. She had a temperature of 102, and the stuck two liters of IV fluids in here. Some day she’ll grow up, but not today. Ugh!
  • It’s Black Friday, and I’m not finding much that I want. Sure, I’d take the X-Box 1 with Minecraft pack, but I’m 47 years old, come on! At some point, we’ll upgrade our TV, but not right now as we had to replace our dryer. I see $$$$ flying in my sleep!
  • I posted a poll on my Facebook page, asking about shopping on Thanksgiving night, yes or no. To my surprise, I had 90% of the 40 people who voted say “heck no”! Gives me a little hope for humanity going forward!
  • With two daughters going to school two and three hours away respectively, the weather has decided to cut their visit short with a winter storm rolling through late Saturday night into Sunday. Hooray for parent worry! So, they’ll be taking off tomorrow afternoon after my side of the family invades and eats everything no nailed down! 🙂
  • And finally, I had my evaluation. I written I’ve come to accept being the “relationship guy” in our building, though it didn’t make me sound like much of a teacher. Much of what my principal said and much of our conversation flowed around what those relationships do, both and out of the classroom. It was a good conversation, and helped me to continue to learn to accept that role of being that guy.

I hope everyone has enjoyed both their Thanksgiving AND their Black Friday, and will enjoy Small Business Saturday tomorrow! 🙂