……and I’ll show you your future.” This quote is attributed to many different people, but in it’s true with each person.


As we work through our 7 Habits in Leader in Me, it’s apparent that students need to start making decisions about where their loyalties lie. I’ve got a poster that I refer to constantly that says “Surround yourself with who you want to be,” and we talk about how hanging out with people who are not a good influence many not be the best thing for you.

My youngest daughter made some friends her senior year of swimming, one of which was NOT a good influence on her. When we talked to the swim coach, she was “nope, do not let your daughter stay over night,” and we heard this from a couple of friends as well. Our daughter, of course, turned around and tried even harder to be near this new friend. The problem, the new friend turned around and stabbed her in the back.


So many times, the friends our students keep lead to unmatched success or unmitigated disaster, depending on the type of friend. No, it’s not fair. No, it’s not right. But, it happens.

How do we prevent it? We do all we can to guide EVERYONE towards success, likable or not. We can work our tails off not only to teach our content, but to teach how to be a decent person. I’ve hinted at this a couple to in emails to my players this year, about how my job is not only to teach them basketball, but to be good people. 

As a parent I APPRECIATE your thoughtfulness in teaching them to be good people too (that part may have choked me up a bit)!! The world is cruel and kindness is certainly needed and appreciated.

Sometimes, to be good people, we have to see it modeled AND be told what this looks like! 

Anyway, I’m starting to ramble. The whole point, if you surround yourself with positive people, positive energy, you will become that positive energy. Surround yourself with negative energy and that’s what you will become. We have a choice every day on what kind of energy to bring.

I choice to bring that positive energy and have done my best to surround myself with those positive people as well.