I’d planned to write about how I’m tired of being flexible. But I can write about that anytime time, because I’m going to continue to frustrated with being tied into a pretzel by 17,000 schedule changes and ever changing expectations. No, this blog will be written in it’s full, angry glory at another time.

No, today it’s about connections. We have a group of Germans in our classroom who are part of an exchange our district does every two years. The German students come, stay with host families, and just become part of the family. Then, in June, our host students will travel to Uberlingen to do the same thing: immerse themselves in the German culture, see the sights of the area, and see what German students see on a daily basis.

Our students in my room are respectful, quiet, and very well spoken. They connect with my sixth graders, even though my sixth graders are acting like puppies around them, which is to be expected as well. The connections the Germans seem to make with my students is fun to see, because the last time we this happen, I was an 8th grade teacher and the 8th graders were a little bit “too cool” for my liking. My sixth graders have no fear about looking or sounding silly, which is a good and bad thing. I love that they are very much still kids, but wish sometimes that filter would kick on!

Contrast this with a Slice of Life blog I just read about a writer not finding the connection. In her recent blog titled, When You Don’t Connect As An Author, our author write about the Slice of Life and the lack of connection she feels with the community. As I read through, I nodded my head and felt a connection to this writing, because I’ve felt the same way at times. I know my blogs are superficial at time and the writing is subpar when I’m in a hurry, but I keep coming back. Why you ask?


No, because while I want to connect with people outside of my school, state, country, continent, it’s not imperative that I do. I follow her blog and I don’t know how many others as well. I love the fact that if my blog is crap, someone else will pick up the slack, or vice versa. I hate that she’s not feeling that connection, because we do need it some where. I know when I’ve hit a streak of no comments, I start to wonder as well, “Does my blog smell??” But, I keep coming back to SOL because believe that, while I may not always fit with my brand of goofiness, my voice is out there, and it cannot be heard if I back away now. I tell my students this and I have to keep telling myself this too. I hope she continues to see that her writing does have a purpose, and while it may not connect with all members of the SOL community, it does connect with me.

And since this blog was started at the beginning of the day, and it’s now 5:45 PM, another connection has popped up. I’ve connected with my basketball players over the fact they’ve felt something “pop” in their foot too. Playing three on three with my team today, something popped.


My goals tonight: get some grading done and keep my foot elevated.

Getting old is not for the faint of heart (a title I have of another blog!).