Being a Leader in Me advisor for our school (with no training at this point), I’m always on the look out for something that will inspire and show students how to be leaders. I found that last night while on Facebook.

Meet Jake Olsen, long snapper for USC. Long snapping itself can be a difficult thing to do, but Jake, he’s taken it a step further: he’s blind.


He was born with a cancer of the retina, and by age 12, had lost sight in both eyes.


Yet, his attitude, his strength are amazing. In this story, “Football Is Only The Latest Triumph for Blind USC Long Snapper Jake Olson”, it talks about how he’s turned this negative into a HUGE positive. He talks to groups all over the country, he’s inspired countless athletes both with disabilities and those without, and it simply a nice guy as well! 🙂

We talked today in sixth grade, about how we are capable of some amazing things, and there’s very little that can stop us, but US, in reaching our goals. I love story like this as it can be used throughout the year when I hear:

– “It’s took hard!”

– “I can’t do this”.”

If this guy can snap a ball while blind, you can do your social studies work.

Find what your motivation is, what drives you, and you’ll still work, but won’t seem like it.