Yesterday just sucked. Thanks to our Republican legislature’s decision to take out much of what teachers can bargain for, our negotiation’s team came to us an update that wasn’t real upbeat, then we spent 45 minutes kicking that dead horse, but no action. There are job openings that my wife could apply for, but feels she wouldn’t get a fair look because of others in the area who’ve all ready made an impression. And the state legislature has brought back another voucher bill.


So, in order to find something, ANYTHING, positive, I’m going back into my pictures. I came up with this one first:



We had the opportunity to see a production of “The Wiz” at Ford’s Theater. It’s based off of “The Wizard of Oz”, however, there’s an entirely different flavor as it has an all Afro-American cast, and has the funky sound of the 1970’s, when it was originally produced as a movie starring Diana Ross, Rich Pryor, and Michael Jackson. Personally, I thought is was amazing! The singing, the dancing, the way that the story line stayed the same, but wow, it felt so different! I know students’ eyes were opened to this different version, and that is such a good thing, especially since there are some on our trip who will never venture out of Iowa again. Seeing that things can be different, but yet still be exciting and powerful is a lesson many of our students learned.

However, it’s Ford’s Theater!! We were up in the balcony, and looking over, the above picture is where Abraham Lincoln was seated that night. It’s where John Wilkes Booth snuck into Lincoln’s box seat, and at a moment of laughter from the crowd, put a bullet in Lincoln’s head. Then, trying to escape, his spur got tangle in a flag, and instead of jumping from the box, he fell, breaking his leg. This would eventually slow him down to the point where he would be captured.

I had goosebumps walking into the theater, a place of such historical significance. Those goosebumps only grew as we walked to the balcony and looked to our left, seeing the box for the first time. As we talked about this picture in class, many of my students didn’t know who shot Lincoln, and that Lincoln actually died across the street from the theater (no, we didn’t get to go into that building). Lincoln was a monumental president during his day, and his legend has only grown the farther we are removed from his death. Would he be proud of the country we’ve become? Would he be able to see the United States in a better place than when his life was taken? I cannot answer that.

But he, and this place of history inspire me to do better.

Then I found this gem (that I wish I would have purchased!):



“Imagine a World” with the icon Washington sights in the background, and Minecraft in the middle?? Brilliant! I love the idea of building with Minecraft, but I also like the idea where, by using Washington, we are able to build a better world. True, that’s an awfully optimistic view, but, it’s a great one to have! If we could believe the power of the people, a government for the people, and how it could be used for good instead of making money, wow. That’s just gives me chills, again! 🙂

And that idea continuing to build a better world, that inspires me too!

This blog post was started this morning, and obviously I was in a foul mood. But each time I come back to keep writing, my mood lightens.

I need to get home now, eat a little bit, try to catch up with grades, and write a letter to my legislator about how they might find a better place for vouchers.

But I’m in a good mood now, so I’ll do it with a smile, because I’m inspired to do a little better, each day, so I’m practicing what I preach!