Some days it only takes little things to make a day go forward or sideways. As I paid attention in my surroundings here’s a few things I noticed:

  • Relationships matter. Our 8th grade team is dynamic and outstanding at bringing in those kids who don’t feel like they have a place. Last night, at a cell phone forum, I had former students talk about their 8th grade teachers as people they respected, so they didn’t get their phones out and distract themselves. Wow. That just made my year!
  • We are talking about growth mind set, and so many write about sports, but I’ve got a few who’ve written about really personal things, things which make me proud to be their teacher in how they dealt with it, growing and moving forward.
  • My wife talked about the little things she did last night at her pre-school open house to connect with kids, things I remember her doing with our own two daughters when they were little. It amazes me how easily we both can slip into that “parent mode” as teachers. Make me smile, a lot.
  • My breakfast was hot and cheesy and warm. And the Diet Coke was cold. 🙂
  • I’m skipping lunch right now to write, because every once and a while, I enjoy the quiet of the classroom during the school day. No one around, just me and my words (and my Diet Coke).

It will get crazy as we lead up to our trip to DC, so I’m hoping to do this activity again, just stepping back and noticing. There’s so much positive around us we miss because of all the “yuck” of day. I’m looking forward to slicing on the bus ride to and from the Capital, along with the various places we go! So much to notice when country mice go to the city! 🙂

I encourage all of to take a little time this Friday and just find those little things that make you smile. Those little things, compiled together, can take a sideways day, and put it right back on track!

Now if I could follow my own advice, that’s would be awesome! 🙂