I’m not usually a Grinchy kind of person, but this Christmas season I have been. I’m not buying into anything the season has to offer, and as I watch kids stress and adults stress, it makes the cabin in the middle of nowhere seem more and more appealing. No “War of Christmas” nonsense, no “only 84 shopping days” nonsense, just some peace and quiet.

Today’s has been especially bad because my daughter’s poor decision making. That, coupled with my own stupidity created a sense of “blah” today that I could feel as I woke up. Well, then, as I’m sitting down to look at a couple of papers, the little sister of a homeroom student came in, wondering where her sister was because she wanted to give her this:


We hung it up on her sister’s locker, and she just beamed when I said, “Your sister will love this! Thank you so much for making it for her!”

What I meant was, “Thank you for bringing this down for your sister and making me smile!”

Damn kids. When you are ready to wallow in self-pity and doubt, they do something to bring you right back to where you need to be.

Reason # 4,252 on why I love being a teacher: kids don’t realize the impact they have, just by being themselves!