This will be a quick blog because it’s the end of the year, my students are stressed, I’m stressed, my daughter is flying to Germany tomorrow (which adds more stress), and grades are due in a week.


However, I want to talk about my blog from yesterday. There’ve been many things I’ve been disappointed about this year, but never put them out like that. It’s school, home, family, and it just seems they are all coming right now.

BUT (<——I like big buts hee hee hee)

The comments that were left spoke of how there are good things happening, there are positives, and in the words of Bob Newhart: “Stop it!!”

I just wanted to say I appreciated those comments and the sentiment behind them. Today is a new day, there are great things happening (other than the overly dramatic 8th grader who just walked in), and while life is difficult, it’s not going to be forever. My attitude is my choice. My choice?  I choose to enjoy the last couple of days, to smile in the face of the yucky behavior that will show up, and love my time with the students who make me smile: all of them.

So, enjoy your Wednesday to the best of your ability, and find the good in what you do.

And thank you! 🙂

While I’m writing, we’ve done some writing on our student blogs to finish the year up. Please, have a look, and if the urge strikes you, leave a comment. They love them as much as I do! 🙂