As we did our Whole 30 plan, Diet Coke was my cheat. I held strong on the sweets, the bread, the pasta, THE CHEESE (who goes cold turkey on cheese??), but the Diet Coke was my weekend cheat. Friday nights, Saturday and Sunday were those times the sweet nectar touched my lips. Ok, the processed junk with artificial sweeteners, but still! 🙂

Today, as I drove to school, I was down. School’s been tough, kids have been cruel to each other and to the staff, and I don’t have an answer on how to finish school year strong. I was feeling pretty beat up to say the least.  I get in early to write some notes to students when I find this in my room:


All I can say is that it totally made my day. 20 ounces of crap that’s terrible for my body, but in that moment in time, I was happy someone was thinking about me.

Thank you, co-worker, I’m feeling SODA-lighted as well to be working with you! 🙂