The Life of a Conflicted Teacher

Working hard to make sense of it all


April 2017

New Babies! #SOL

I'm in a terrible mood. A.L.I.C.E drill didn't go well at all. Our 8th graders are just so impulsive and loud. They wouldn't be quiet, they wouldn't help each other out, and all I could do at the time was... Continue Reading →

Can’t Stop The Writing Bug!

It seems that the writing bug has bit a little harder than I once thought! I enjoyed my two days off (Saturday watching my youngest daughter sing at our small group contest, Sunday, just being relaxing Sunday), but kept coming... Continue Reading →

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Bridgette Tales

Everybody has a story. Here's a little of mine.

The Life of a Conflicted Teacher

Working hard to make sense of it all

Andrea, Children’s Book Illustrator

Children's book illustrator

Words from JL

"Refirement" - teaching and learning

The Space Between the Pages

Reading, reflecting, acting, and writing


Learn about our adventures in RV camping!

love always, caitlin

my feeble attempt at capturing this "one wild and precious life"

Joyous Thoughts

It's not always pretty...but it certainly is Joyous

Rita DiCarne

Practicing What I Teach

Inspire. Create. Motivate.

Supporting Early Childhood Education.

Soapbox: The Way I see Things

shouting my heart out for all who may listen

Kinder Kaleidoscope

Tales of Classroom Magic

Ms. Chen in the Middle

“[Kids] don't remember what you try to teach them. They remember what you are.” ― Jim Henson