I didn’t get my Friday blog written, and I was kind of bummed about it because I’d been on a pretty good roll as of late. However, it didn’t happen, and that’s a trust broken to myself, which kind of sucks. I expect better, and had been able to produce 31 blogs in March, then two a week for most of April. However, it just got away from me. I’d say time, but that’s about as lame of excuse as possible. If it’s important, it would get done, period.

As we plowed through the weekend, I’d love to talk about the great weather, the people we saw, the music we heard, but the one thing that dominated it: another trust broken.

It’s just tough to look at yourself or someone you love and think, “I don’t trust you.” I go back to the whole “it takes years to build a reputation and seconds to destroy it.” That’s certainly what happened here and it just makes me wonder how can we fix this situation, because it’s not the first time we’ve gone through this.

Ugh. As I look to the summer, I’m usually encouraged. Right  now, I don’t know what would encourage me.

And yes, I go through this kind of yuck every year about this time, but this time, it’s deeper and is certainly harder to deal with.