A loaded question for sure.

So, what is success?

Is it an A in class?

Is it an a best selling book?

Is it a marriage that lasts the trials and tribulations of life?


I’ve read a lot about success, how people define it, how they demonstrate it and I’ve decided it needs three ingredients.

  1. Time: To be successful, you have to have time. Both time to work on whatever it is you want to be successful and, if you fail, time to reflect, to change, and to go at it again. You need time to continue to refine what it is you want, to focus on the positives around you.
  2. Dedication: You will fail, period. If you don’t your goals haven’t been set high enough. When you fail, will you get back up? Successful people find their failures as motivation to push forward, not quitting on the first, the fifth, the twentieth attempt. They dedicate their time towards learning, talking to experts, and making sure they are living the life that will lead them to success.
  3. Attitude: As I teach 8th grade, we have attitude, we have bucket loaded of it! But it’s not necessarily the attitude they need to be successful. We need that attitude that says: “I can get knocked down, talked about, and made to feel a fool, but I will continue to push forward.” That attitude that shows the world you will not be stopped as you move towards your dream. Nothing is too hard with the right kind of attitude, nor is your dream out of your reach.

Success to one student is passing a class, to another being first in the class. But if you don’t have that idea of what success is to you and aren’t willing to push each and every day, it won’t happen, period.

So, find that positive today, find that little glimmer of hope, and make it happen in whatever you are doing!

Because in the end, we all want to be successful!  Make it happen! 🙂