This was my tweet on January 31.
Today, February 7, my Iowa Senators, Charles Grassley and Joni Ernst, voted for a totally illogical choice for Secretary of Education, someone is no experience in public education, but plenty of experience running down public education.
My state legislature voted to increase funding by 1.1%, the lowest level in 6 years.
And these same people in the Iowa capital are close to trotting out a page out of Scott Walker’s playbook, going after collective bargaining, something that was approved by a Republican governor and has been a positive in our state for the past 40 years.
But I don’t know anything about that.
I’m taking a break from all of this social meda for a while. We talk about giving students a voice in our classroom, where the voice that teachers, parents, and those concerned for the well being of our students get? As a moderate, I feel like my views have zero meaning in a world full of screaming.
I’m not sure my voice matters any more.
And I’m tired.